Vincent Maurice

ECE Master Graduate
Born July, 7th 1988
in Langres, France
+33 (0)6 84 87 69 19
7, rue des Cottages
75018 Paris


I am currently looking for a full-time position in the domains of imaging systems, display technologies and consumer electronics.


Georgia Institute of Technology

M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering
2011 – 2012

Curriculum completed in Atlanta and at Georgia Tech Lorraine in Metz, France.
Coursework: microelectronic technology, nanophotonics, organic optoelectronics, quantum information, fiber optic networks, computational journalism, autonomous multi-robot systems, biological MEMS.
GPA: 3.88/4.00

Telecom SudParis

French engineering diploma (equivalent to a M.Sc. in Telecommunications)
2008 – 2011

Major in telecommunications, electronics and computer science. Minor in economics, marketing, finance and corporate law.
Specialization in digital image processing and computer vision.
Ranked in the top 10 percentile.

Lycée Carnot (Dijon, France)

Scientific preparatory classes
2006 – 2008

Intensive preparation for the national competitive entrance exams to engineering schools.


France 24

Project manager/Broadcast engineer
2011 (8 months)

Joined the engineering team in charge of the integration of technical solutions and process improvement.
• Managed the integration of video servers for news program replay and disaster recovery broadcasting.
• Trained users and wrote technical and user documentations on different solutions.
• Conducted post-integration follow-up and troubleshooting through teamwork with maintenance teams.
• Contributed to technology scouting and benchmarking, especially on electronic news gathering means.

Mikros Image

Software developer
2010 (3 months)

Worked on the Sebastian2 R&D project: a cloud-based platform for collaborative digital content creation.
• Developed a real time and multiuser web based tool enabling the annotation of videos.
• Integrated this tool on the existing Flex client and server implementing a RESTful architecture.
• Experienced development in a multi-partner team.

Institut d'électronique, de microélectronique et de nanotechnologie

Research assistant
2009 (2 months)

Bibliography, design and implementation of pressure sensors for fluidic microsystems.
• Used finite element analysis software to compute devices’ characteristics.
• Acquired the basics of MEMS design and fabrication trough experiences in clean room.


Industrial engineer
2008 (2 months)

Material flows and ergonomics improvement in the factory.
• Analyzed production reports and conducted surveys to identify issues in cooperation with operators.
• Used 3D CAD tools to design solutions and met with subcontractors autonomously.


Programming C, C++, C#, Python, ActionScript, Java, Android SDK, GWT, ASM, OpenGL, VB, SQL.
CAD & Simulation Matlab, ANSYS, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks.
Design & Editing HTML/CSS, Flash/Flex, Adobe CS, Vegas, 3dsmax, Final Cut, Motion, Office.


French Native speaker
English Fluent
Spanish Basic level
German Basic level

Test Scores

TOEIC 960/990
TOEFL iBT 96/120
GRE V:420, Q:790, AW:3.0


Computer graphics, 3D animation, Photography, Film making, DIY, Electronics, Robotics, Mountain biking, Hiking, Travelling, Skiing,, MAKE.